Cabaret sessions at Orb

Fri March 13th 2015

Really excited to be creating a community cabaret with the amazing people at Orb in Knaresborough. We'll be showcasing at Feva festival in the summer, dates to be announced.

Variety: A Comedy and Music Show

Mon June 23rd 2014

Doing some Damselling on Thursday to support miss Bryony Byrne who is fundraising to make a film. This is basically my audition. I'll be joined by special guest Samantha Sutherland on Sax, clarinet and Jazz flute - yes! Not to mention the talented Richard Baker on keys. I'm trying out some new songs so come along Thursday at 19:00 to The Old Nun's Head in Nun's Head.

Bye Bye Fringe

Fri September 6th 2013

It's all over for another year and what a treat you were Edinburgh Fringe. Thanks to everybody who came to watch Damsel this year, you were all particularly lovely. I'm missing it so much. Have a look at the Blog section or follow me on @DamselSophie for new writing and projects and get in touch if you need some melodrama in your life xxx

So Far, So Good at Edinburgh Fringe

Mon August 5th 2013

All's good at Edfringe...we got our first Five Star Review ★★★★★  "Damsel in Shining Armour is the kind of joyous, impeccably structured and downright hilarious show that exemplifies just how good cabaret can be." I've had two Hollyoaks hunks in the audience. And I've mounted a fan (electric). Come one and all. Underbelly, 10.15pm every night this August (not 12th). And I'd love it if you gave us a tweet @damselsophie #edfringe. 

Edinburgh here I come

Tue July 30th 2013

On my way to Edinburgh Fringe to perform all month at Underbelly. Doing Damsel in Shining Armour, 10.15pm, every night except the 12th. Hope to see you there lovelies.

Brighton Beauties

Sun May 26th 2013

OMG having an absolute whale of a time at my little run at Brighton Fringe. I've never heard people out sing me in the finale song quite as much. On for a couple more nights, 7pm at The Quadrant. 

When Damsel meets Marilyn

Sat May 11th 2013

Last few weeks have been mad. Damsel in Shining Armour did a mini tour to Cheltenham Everyman, The Lowry, Manchester and ending at a golf club in the Scottish countryside.  I then made an impromptu appearance on the West End (literally) at Cafe de Paris for the Black Cat cabaret night. Puuurfect (sorry).

On more Hollywood note I've been buried in black box spaces with award winning all-female theatre company ShadyJane putting the finishing touches to our glamorous show 'Marilyn Gets Up'. I've been building sets, painting, cutting up petals and have learnt how to work mini projectors to perfection. We made our debut last Wednesday on the main stage at Winchester Theatre Royal and it was smashing. We're still mid-way through our preview tour and have relocated to a warehouse in Peckham...from one extreme….

To sum up, the vocal chords have been getting well used, I've shocked a lot of old people, glitter and sawdust is stuck in every orifice and I've grown quite accustomed to my blond wig. Apparently they do have more fun…


Mr Darcy

Fri April 26th 2013

'Mr Darcy' is collaboration with spoken word artist Charlie Dupré, Pinch TV and of one and of my life.......Ted. 

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